Campaign aims to address impacts of tobacco use

Ahjin Kim, News Writer

Mr. Ivison is planning to start an ‘Anti-smoking Campaign’ to discourage tobacco use at an early age and encourage students to quit or abstain from using tobacco.

The ultimate goal of the Anti-smoking Campaign is to address the impacts and effects of both illegal and legal drugs that are used in society. This campaign will be led by a group of teachers and students to help raise awareness of tobacco use in school.

In order to effectively and persuasively deliver the message, three to four upper secondary students will be working with elementary students in fifth grade to preempt early interventions of drugs. Older students, who know how to successfully prevent drug and tobacco use will share their own experiences and thoughts on the matter.

The elementary students will be educated on the effects and outcomes of drugs and tobacco, as well as ways to avoid them. Students who need help with abstaining from drugs or tobacco can and will be guided by those participating in the campaign.

The goal of this campaign is to inform students of how drugs are an unhealthy way to physically and emotionally alleviate stress. In an interview, Mr. Ivison reported, “using and relying on drugs is not an intelligent way to relax or to relieve stress. Students should realize that there are many other ways to alleviate stress.”

Another goal of the campaign is to encourage students having a difficult time quitting to not give up. “Once a student begins to put in the effort to abandon his or her habit, it is critical that others put faith in the student’s ability to really do so.”

Mr. Ivison emphasized that the students do not need drugs or tobacco to cope with their stress, depression, or anxiety.

In the near future, the campaign will also sponsor an art project, in which the students will design posters, banners, and comics to deliver messages against drugs. By participating, students will be able to win a prize while gaining new information about drugs and tobacco.

Mr. Ivison is constantly brainstorming various ways to attract students’ attention and teach how vital and crucial it is to have the right knowledge on drugs and tobacco.  Mr. Ivison wants the students to remember Thomas Edison’s words, “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.”

All students who want to volunteer as speakers to share their experiences, have the willingness to help others, and believe in sending helpful messages are welcome to join at any time. Students who are planning to join are asked to e-mail Mr. Ivison.