Freshmen seek to know more about Midterms

John Park, Writer

As the midterm week approaches, Upper Secondary students show signs of anxiousness, stress, and fatigue. From Dec. 7 to Dec.14, students will take several 90 to 120 minute tests in the gym and the auditorium and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the past semester

When Sophomore Toni Choi was asked what she thought about the midterms, she  remarked about how she will have to be in the cold and grim gymnasium several times throughout the week.

Rachel Kim also expressed her feelings about the midterms “Honestly, I hate the midterms tests; they are the worst hours you can spend on anything.”

Although students dislike the midterms, they push through their stress and anxiety. “I’ll be prepared somewhat for some of the tests, but I don’t have confidence for others,” commented freshmen Andrew Cho. Sophomore Erik Kim reckoned, “I’m not that sure how I will do, because it was easy in ninth grade but tenth grade is harder than I expected.”

Students agreed that to prepare for the midterms, they would gather all their notes from the first and second quarter, and study hard. Rachel Kim stressed, “I am going to try not to procrastinate and get my studying in before the tests so I can get a lot of rests.”  

Mr. Thomas, the Vice Principal, advised the students to “stray away from the typical cramming method. Make a plan to create specific times to study for each course.” Mr. Thomas expects if students follow his advice that “by the time the exams begin on December 7, students will be ready and prepared. They might be successful in the exams by cramming, but to actually learn the material, to have less stress and a better reflection of the learning, they should plan ahead of time.”

Although the midterms can be stressful, students are looking forward to some aspects besides the actual test-taking.  “I am just looking forward to getting good grades,” said Erik Kim.

Rachel Kim confessed, “I’m looking forward to going to school late, leaving school whenever I finish the test, and wearing anything I want.” While Freshman Lena Park, who is a first time midterm test taker is scared but will be prepared because she will study at home. Freshman Ralph Lee commented that he is “prepared but a little worried.”

While it is well known that midterm exams have a critical affect on grades, many students are not sure about the extent of their affect. Math teacher Mr. Harding addressed this concern, “Since we use best fit in the Middle Years Program (MYP) and the midterms are broad based tests that are harder, I consider the criterion grades from the midterms heavier than criterion grades for normal tests. I compare the two and if there is no other outstanding difference between the two best fit grades, I give the criterion grade for the midterms if it is higher.”

All students are expected to take the midterms in all subject areas which include English, Math, Science, History, Foreign Languages, and some of the arts. Students will arrive at their testing location (either the gym or the auditorium) and be guided to the correct row of tables.   Like all tests, the midterms prohibit students from communicating with each other in anyway to avoid distraction and unauthorized aid. Electronics devices will be banned from use and students are advised to leave their belongings in Gym B or their lockers.