More KAIAC changes to come

Sports Writer, John Park

KAIAC, a 41-year-old organization, will realign it’s divisions once again, as they welcome three new schools. This will also introduce the Red, White, and Blue divisions for the 2013-2014 school year.

Humphrey’s American High School, Dwight, and Chadwick join KAIAC to total 17 schools. Humphrey’s joins the other Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) entities in Blue Division, Dwight and Chadwick join the other smaller schools in the White Division.

GSIS Sports Director Mr. Ivison explains, “Our new system is a mix of the currently in use Tri-City division with added schools.” There was a need to make three divisions after it was decided two divisions would not be able to hold the current 17 KAIAC teams. As a result, some teams moved to different color divisions. Although some schools don’t like the idea of playing in the lower division, Mr. Ivison explains, “They chose colors because KAIAC divisions aren’t only based on skill or school size.”

Another big change made to KAIAC is the possible relegation and promotion to move down and up divisions. This would be decided by a point system where a school would receive a certain amount of points for each sport depending on their performance and the schools with the higher points or lower points could be relegated or promoted. All schools definitely will be aiming for the top tier division including schools of all divisions. Still Mr. Ivison states, “The point system is looking good which could help our school but it is going in an direction we are not sure of. Many things aren’t fleshed out.”

Gyeonggi Suwon International School sports is on the move to the Red Division. Sophomore Diane Jung voices, “I would like to play with the blue division schools to develop our skills faster and maintain with stronger teams.” Many students agree that they would like GSIS to play in the top tier division or the soon to be Blue Division. Freshmen Stacy Chung says, “Our teams have a higher chance of winning the KAIAC conference and tournament because we moved down to D2 during the 2012-2013 year so D2 matches us pretty well although some sports we are weaker and stronger at.” Boys varsity soccer coach Mr. Dellos comments, “It’s disheartening not to compete against some of the best schools in this region, but we’ll make the most of our opportunities in whatever league we play in.”

GSIS has a strong background for sports and aims to improve. Mr. Ivison states, “Our school is getting a reputation for sports and success. So yes, it is possible we will soon join the top division, but we never know because there are many other factors that are unrelated to a school’s performance during the year.”

In the coming school year, the GSIS Knights will continue to pursue promotion and increase their potential. Yet, there is the possibility that even the Blue, Red, White color Divisions could be changed before it is even used in the 2013-2014 school year with the rumors of schools possibly leaving KAIAC.