Students introduce favorite coffee shops

By Julia Park, Writer

While finding the perfect coffee shop in Korea might be similar to searching for a needle in a haystack, where more than one dozen shops cover  half a kilometer, several student believe they have found their perfect shop.

Students go to coffee shops to study and hang out. Although many of the cafes are labeled as “coffee shops,” a majority of them are considered more a “snack and drink” place.

Among the hundreds of coffee shops, every student has their own opinions. Junior Ryan Choi commented, “My favorite coffee shop is Starbucks. I usually order a Green Tea Latte or a White Chocolate Mocha. Even though Starbucks is very expensive, the taste is great.”

However, sophomore Angela Park said, “My favorite coffee shop is probably Yoger Presso. I don’t order coffee there, my favorite snack is frozen yogurt.”

Samantha Kim agreed with Angela, “My favorite coffee shop is also Yoger Presso. I also don’t order coffee; instead I drink White Chocolate.” Samantha commented.

There are also students who go to coffee shops to be comfortable while they study in a quiet environment. Junior Jeeho Oh said, “I like to go to De Chocolate because it’s close to my house. Also, the chairs there are really comfortable and I’m able to concentrate on my studies because there’s never a lot of people. I don’t drink coffee from De Chocolate, but I enjoy eating their brownies.”

Whether students go to coffee shops for the drinks or the snacks, or to socialize or study quietly, each shop has its own atmosphere, and is a often a home away from home for many students.



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