Press Release: GSIS Makes a Name in the NSPA “Best of the High School Press”

GSIS makes a splash in the 19th Edition of NSPA's "Best of the HIgh School Press"
GSIS makes a splash in the 19th Edition of NSPA’s “Best of the HIgh School Press”

Release: September 16, 2014
Media Contact: Victor Jeong
Greetings Knights! On behalf of the Publications class I am thrilled to announce that GSIS has been featured in the National Scholastic Press Association’s (NSPA) 19th edition of the “Best of the High School Press”. Earning first and third place in two different categories of the “Picture of the Year” feature for the 2013 school year and a place in the list of “Best Academic Spreads.”

This is a huge step for GSIS as we are now gaining global recognition for our very own yearbook. Featuring two action photos from the Cross Country meet in Guam, we witnessed GSIS climb through the ranks, eventually snatching first place in Sports Action with the epic depiction of now-alumni Sang Hyun Lee crossing the glorious finish line. The photo was taken by Robby Hwang, who has left his mark now in our school community. However it’s not just Robby who’s had his impact. Third place in the Junior-High/Middle School category belongs to Lilly Kim’s photo of Jude Lee’s daring dash into the sweltering Guam heat and humidity.

Along with winning two distinctive and proud awards in photography, GSIS also presents an award, putting their World Languages page on the list of the top academic spreads judged by the NSPA. Designed by now-alumni and current University of Berkeley student, Sujee Hyun, our page proudly stands out in the top spreads, representing the quality of design presented within our yearbook “Continuing the Journey” from the 2012-2013 school year.

After all these advances, we as a collective couldn’t be happier with the progress our yearbook has made over the years. From humble beginnings, we stand out as one of the best schools that pumps out high quality yearbooks. The standard of our work is constantly improving, and we’re on pace to have our best yearbook yet for the 2014-2015 year after the other outstanding book, “Revision History”.

Join us in feeling proud and celebrating, Knights! This is a big achievement, and we look forward to producing more great work to get our name out there as a high quality school. Any GSIS student interested in being a part of this process can feel free to join the Publications (yearbook and newspaper) class when you enroll for your 2015-2016 school year schedule at quarter one Parent Teacher Conferences . You can contact the advisor of the class Mrs. Lozano .

Get excited Knights! Our name’s getting out there. We look forward to seeing where we place in the 20th Edition of NSPA’s “Best of the High School Press.”