Press Release: Senior Head Editors Display a Multitude of Talents

Editors' Work

Release: October 5th, 2015

Media Contact: Victor Jeong

Hello, Knights! After a busy summer, Publications has the opportunity to rejoice yet again! The four main senior editors have brought home impressive individual honors to GSIS from competitions such as the Cricket Media Creative Endeavors Contest, Ayn Rand Competition and the TeenInk Editor’s Choice award.

Already sporting impressive academic records, Co-editor-in-chief Justine Hong and Photography Lead Suzy Lee have gained global recognition for their work. Justine submitted an impressive essay on Ayn Rand’s “The Fountainhead”, earning one out of only 45 possible finalist spots. Complementing those writing achievements, Suzy flourished through her art, publishing her rendition of the periodic table, named “The Cartoon Periodic Table” which is available now for free download on iBooks. She has also had her art displayed as the cover of KidSpirit Magazine’s 2015 fall issue, won the Cricket Media Creative Endeavors Contest and earned the honor of TeenInk Editor’s Choice Award.

In addition to both Suzy and Justine’s accomplishments, Co-editor-in-chief Victor Jeong and Design Lead Ziho Hwang have been quietly building up a reputation themselves. Finally looking to write for a wider audience, Victor took the opportunity to go through the screening process to become a writer for 10Mag’s new “Teen” branch and is now an official contributor. Additionally, Ziho has made a name for himself in the design community, bringing to life various hoodies and clothing pieces for clubs and the class of 2016. Both Ziho and Victor are actively working toward their hopeful careers, Ziho in automotive design and Victor in writing respectively.

The editors are no stranger to success however. Suzy, Justine and Victor all achieved Headmaster’s Honor Roll and NSPA Honor Roll with Ziho right behind earning Principal’s Honor Roll and the DT Subject Choice Award. Ziho and Victor both have shown fruitful balance in their extracurriculars, acquiring the Coach’s Award for Cross Country and Basketball respectively. Suzy showed exceptional academic achievement thus receiving the “Outstanding Student of the Semester” award in the first semester of 2014, while Victor earned the very same honor for the second semester.

We couldn’t be more excited at the success of not only the editors but of all the Publications class overall. If you’re a GSIS student and are interested in Publications, feel free to enroll for the 2016-2017 school year so you too can become a part of a storied legacy.