School Life from the Perspective of a Freshman

DSC_0098By Sarah Wilson

Graduating from middle school and going into freshman year. It could be one of scariest steps as a student. Going from the top of middle school to the very bottom of high school. All the other grades are suddenly so much more intimidating. Walking through the doors on the first day back at school after summer break, not exactly sure what to think. All the thoughts you have going through your head at the time. “I can’t believe I’m in highschool.” “Wait. I just realised my grades actually matter now.” “PSAT? What’s that?”

Taking my first summative test as a freshman was really scary. It can be hard to know what to expect. If I remember that there is a test the next day, I’ll make the effort to at least look through the study guide. But as I’m looking through the study guide or review sheets, I think to myself, “when did I ever learn this in class..?” If I don’t remember that there was a test, I’ll show up to class and people will all be busy as they use up the five-minutes of passing period to study. Someone might come up to me and ask, “did you study for the test?” I’ll nervously reply by saying “we have a test today?!” I try to make the most of the last two-minutes before the tardy bell rings.

As if test taking wasn’t hard enough in high school, I found out I also have to take mid-terms and final examinations. Stressed and nervous do not even begin to describe the feelings I feel in the pit of my stomach. These 90-minute tests that extend over the course of  a week go over everything that we’ve learned throughout the semester and school year. These exams are something I never experienced when I was in middle school. Now I start to think to myself, “I wish I was still in middle school, it was so much easier.”