GSIS Staff: Where are they now

By Eugene Kim



17797160_794001872910_537461732_oAndrew Wiese: Andrew Wiese started teaching at GSIS in 2009, and left June 2013. He taught various subjects including Bible, US history, World history, MYP Humanities, IB Economics, IB History. “Since leaving GSIS my wife and I have welcomed two children into the world. Patrick was born in January of 2014. In fact we actually publicly announced we were pregnant, while still working at GSIS, on the day of GSIS’ graduation in 2013. We also welcomed our little girl Peyton into the world” in March of 2016, said Wiese.

He and his wife left GSIS in June of 2013 to move to Moscow, Russian Federation. They both teach at the Anglo-American School of Moscow (AAS). He said, “here [AAS] we both teach at the Anglo-American School of Moscow, a school with a student body encompassing 68 nationalities. My wife teaches kindergarten and I teach mostly 11 and 12 grade: IB Economics, IB Business Management and IB Theory of Knowledge.” He also coaches the varsity soccer team based on the experience of coaching in GSIS.

Reflecting upon his time at GSIS he said, “I worked with such an amazing collection of teachers who day-in, day-out poured their lives into students in so many ways. We all did so much, and then when we were asked, we did even more. I’ll never forget that group of colleagues who did everything possible to make GSIS a great place for the students of the past, present and future.”

As for the students, Wiese said, “they all taught me a lot. I grew so much, as an educator, in my time at GSIS and I’ll never forget the times of interaction with my students.”



Eric Moore

Eric Moore: Eric Moore taught drama, bible, TOK, and IB English A (Language and Lit, Literature). He worked at GSIS from 2010 to  2014.

   Eric and his family lives in Tennessee while he works on his PhD in Education at the University of Tennessee. “I have become enamored with the sub-field of inclusive education: basically, the art and science of ensuring that diverse learners are all able to learn and grow in a common classroom. I am currently applying to universities around the country and including international posts, as I am hoping to earn a professorate position upon my graduation.” He said.

Reflecting on his time in Korea he said, “I had so much fun with former staff and students at the Noraebangs. It definitely brought out the sappiness in me. But I think the best thing was actually my classes. I particularly loved the lively mind-melting TOK discussions and my literature classes that were so small we could meet on couches in the corner of my room and dig deep into amazing literature like ‘Silence’, ‘Vietnamerica’ and ‘Chronicle of a Death Foretold’.”




Dwight Carlblom: Dwight and Lori was the High School Principal in 2011, but from 2012 to 2013 he served as the Head of School and Assistant Head of School. He has moved to North Carolina, and now works at The Epiphany School of Global Studies.

“We loved and now miss GSIS and Korea!!  The students were tremendous, the teaching staff were so great to work with, and the Korean staff were absolutely amazing,” he said. Reminiscing about his days in South Korea, he said “Mr. Anderson [The former Elementary Principal] used to have Friday afternoon coffee with whichever elementary teachers could show up, and those were tremendous times.” He also really valued “when our alumni would come back, especially for the alumni soccer match.” or when he got to watch “Eddie Lozano with all of his passion in chapel.”



Schumacher Family

Darrin Schumacher: He and his wife Kylie were at GSIS from June 2008 to Dec. 2012. He taught Year 4, Year 5 PYP and was Elementary Principal. He also was the inaugural varsity tennis coach. They moved to the Gold Coast in Australia. He now is in the position of Deputy Principal/Head of Junior School at St Andrews Lutheran College.

Thinking back to GSIS, he said, “We often think about the staff and students at GSIS and miss them a lot. The students who I taught in Grade four and five are now in High School. I would like to wish them all of God’s blessings as they undertake their final years of study.”


Wendy Van Wyk: Wendy Van Wyk was one of the teachers that arrived at the start of GSIS in 2006. She served as a Dorm Parent and in 2008-2009 she went back into the classroom as the eigWendy Van Wykhth-grade Language Arts teacher. During her first year she led worship for elementary and middle school chapels.

She now lives back home in South Africa, she completed her Masters in Education and Mr. Van Wyk qualified as a teacher. She said, “We also had a little surprise of a fourth baby, who will soon turn three, keeping us quite busy!” She said this is their only child not born in Korea, but their baby happened to be born on the 11 of November. “Peppero Day! Seemed only right. “

(Quotes: “Enjoy the time that you spend in such a beautiful country and the unique setting of international people with whom you get to share it.”)


Isabel StanleyIsabel Stanley: Mr. Stanley and Mrs. Stanley worked at GSIS from 2011-2013. She taught third grade, and he taught fifth grade. Mr. Stanley coached touch football, and they both coached swimming for elementary after school clubs. Now, they are living in New Zealand, after teaching three years in Australia.

We now are living in the mountain resort village called ‘Arrowtown’ which is near the tourist town of Queenstown. It’s well known for skiing as well as the lakes and forest areas are beautiful for outdoor activities. We love living here!  Mr. Stanley has started a business called ‘Mike Stanley Property Services’ and I am starting a new teaching position in the senior classroom at Kingsview Christian School. My students range from year four to year seven, so it will be a challenge to teach multi-levels in one room. There are about 60 students in the whole school, and it is in the township of Frankton, at the edge of Lake Wakatipu,” she said.

Thinking back, she said, “ GSIS has amazing facilities, incredible opportunities for students to reach their potential – cherish what you have – it’s an amazing place!”

Kevin ArndtKevin Arndt: He taught at GSIS from 2009-2013 and taught MYP and DP math. He was the supervisor of the praise band and he helped out with Math Club for a couple of years. He supervised the praise team, and helped the math club for a couple of years. He now lives in Texas, and taught students at the International School of Azerbaijan for two years. Since he left the school, he married and became a first time father.

Currently he is teaching Pre-AP Algebra 2 which is an honors Algebra 2 class and IB Math SL at Arlington High School in Arlington Texas.

Thinking back to GSIS, he said, “Students keep working hard and being awesome! Staff who were there when I was there, I miss you! And new staff, you are at an awesome school keep working to make it awesome”

17506591_10154591262077547_79293875_nCatherine Hann: Catherine Hann is one of the first teachers in GSIS, she is one of the teachers that saw GSIS under construction. She left GSIS in 2011 and moved back to Canada. She settled on the East Coast of Canada, in Nova Scotia, for two years where she was substitute teaching and working on a Master’s Degree. She also got married two years ago. She said, “The most significant event that has happened in my life since leaving GSIS is getting married two summers ago.  My husband and I are very happy building our lives together in Kitchener.  We live close to our parents and we are enjoying spending time with them.  It is also nice to explore the natural beauty of the area where I have lived most of my life.”

Catherine now teaches in grades four to eight at a Catholic School in Kitchener, Ontario, but she hasn’t forgot her friends she made in Korea, mentioning she is “still in contact with [many] today.”  They have met up at “major events, such as weddings”, because they bring them together. She concluded, “our love of travel gives us opportunities to see each other all over the world. “





Daniel Gillhuis:

Daniel Gillhuis was a teacher in GSIS between 2013 to 2015. He taught Grade two, was the elementary soccer coach, and started the elementary praise band. He and his wife moved to the Philippines and teach at Brent International School. He said, “ I am a grade three teacher here and Erika teaches both English in the high school and theatre. I have become the elementary soccer coach here, as well as lead a class for guitar club. I am writing a children’s grammar book at the moment, and we have both learned to scuba dive since arriving. Erika is now a troop director for the International Thespian Society and runs an improv club.” They also have a child on the way.

Remembering his best memories of GSIS, “Some of our best memories from Korea are just exploring, meeting people, travelling, and getting connected in our church community. Also, our VASE trip to Indonesia. We miss our students and Erika misses the close bonds that come from doing productions. Also, Korean food.

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