Varsity Boys Volleyball makes a comeback

Sally Minseo Kim, News Writer

The Varsity boys volleyball team made a comeback from their losing streak starting with the first win against APIS on Sept. 8. With the experience and skills gained from previous season, the team was able to have their series of victories this season.

Compared the the previous season, the team consisted of many returning players. In each game the players were able to achieve success by applying what they learned from previous season.

Daniel Oh, senior said, “last season we were learning a lot of new things and growing experience along the way. This year, we are now applying these techniques and effectively operating them in games and practices which is why I think we have shown such growth.”

The team showed their improvement by having their first successful win against APIS by 3-1. The whole team was feeling ecstatic after their first conference win and excited for the upcoming games.

Brian Lee, sophomore said, “I felt very happy with our first win in KAIAC. It was my first win since I played in Volleyball KAIAC, so I really felt proud of it.”

Louie Chung, captain, said, “as a team we work hard everyday during practice to improve. We as a team all know that the upcoming week is a very important schedule as we’re going to be having three away games. Because of this we are really motivated to work harder in practice and get the win and keep our winning streak.”

He said, “Last year we lacked confidence when we played. This year we believe in ourselves and know what we are just as good as any team in KAIAC.”

After their game against APIS the team was able to win four make games which makes them third in conference. There’s only one more game left in conference which will be a home game against KIS on Oct. 25.