Now LIVE: The GSIS Broadcast

Brian Jeen, Writer

Have you noticed anything different during homeroom time? Have your teachers shown a video in class where GSIS students report upcoming events? That is the GSIS Broadcast, a student-led program implemented in Publications earlier this school year.  Since the GSIS Broadcast is organized by Publications classes, I talked to different Publications members and discussed their thoughts on our new broadcast.

Gabe Fortaleza-Tan interviews Sally Kwon and Ashley Yoon regarding the change of cafeteria food due to the Norovirus.

One of the people I interviewed was the Publications leader and GSIS Broadcast supervisor Mr. Middleton. Mr. Middleton explains, “The broadcast is a great addition to the publications class, as this add-on to the class can highlight some of the events going on around the school. While implementing broadcasting into the publications class obviously added more work, I think we were able to spread the work out pretty evenly since there was a large number of publications students. However, I think the broadcast could benefit from a better and more interesting interview format, as well as having more ‘story-type’ videos instead of interviews.”

Jiho Kim interviews Yunji Kim 

Another person I talked to was Freshmen and GSIS Broadcast founder, Sooa Hong. Regarding why she wanted to bring back the broadcasting service at GSIS, she explains, “Being part of a broadcasting service back where I used to live in the US, I wanted to bring a similar format to GSIS. In Publications, we had a newspaper system already in place, however, I questioned the absence of a broadcasting system. Therefore, I created a GSIS Broadcasting club, which later was embedded into the Publications elective course thanks to Mr. Middleton.” 

She also commented on her role in the service; she says, “I am in charge of the broadcasting network, but I am more specifically a producer and Instagram manager for the  Knights broadcasting account. I feel very grateful that Mr. Middleton gave me a chance for the broadcasting system to become a bigger part of the community, and I also feel very proud of everyone’s work. We have a long way to go, but it is a great start. I am looking forward to being more active and bringing a better-quality broadcasting network to GSIS!”