Special Needs Education at GSIS

Special needs education is just as its name suggests: education for students that require specialized support. Though there are schools created especially for the education of special needs students, regular schools also often have separate classes and systems set in place to support these types of students. Likewise, GSIS has a system for students with special needs as well. Continue reading Special Needs Education at GSIS

South Korean ‘Hagwons’: Why are they so popular?

Most of us have heard of South Korean “academies”. In fact, it would not be a complete exaggeration to say that most Korean students have attended these institutes in some form. Commonly referred to as “hagwons,” these academies are deeply integrated into the lives of both students and their guardians. But why are hagwons so prevalent in Korea? And what are the effects of attendance on the students? Continue reading South Korean ‘Hagwons’: Why are they so popular?