Pomodoro: An Effective Study System

Tivan George, News Writer For a period of one week, I explored something called a “Pomodoro”. Although it is known as an ingredient of a sauce accompanying pasta in italian cuisine, it is also, in fact, a study system. This system was created by Francesco Cirillo in the early 1990s, so he could boost the working efficiency of his employees as well as himself. It … Continue reading Pomodoro: An Effective Study System

Overnight School Trips Back in Korea

Tivan George, News Writer Ever since the 2016 Jakarta Intercultural School child abuse scandal, overnight school trips with the exception of VASE and retreats were halted. However, on Sept. 14, the GSIS senior biology class held an overnight school trip for educational purposes. Could this mean overnight school trips are going to make a comeback? It was not easy to get this event to work. … Continue reading Overnight School Trips Back in Korea

Effects of Technology on Students

News Writer, Tivan George Technology, the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, has developed throughout the years, often changing lives. So how will its advancement affect the 21st Century students? From the invention of the computer to the creation of Elon Musk’s Tesla Roadster, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds. This also opens up new possibilities for the 21st Century students. Rikumu Shigeta, … Continue reading Effects of Technology on Students

Learning part 1: What is learning?

Tivan George, news writer Humans are one of the most adaptable species to exist, due to their ability to learn and apply what they learned or innately knew to new situations in order to survive. Being taught, having expectations to learn, and having expectations to apply that knowledge is something all students can relate to. To learn better, you first need to fully know what … Continue reading Learning part 1: What is learning?

The Evolution of Cartoons

Tivan George, News writer Fantasmagorie, a french animated film by Émile Cohl, made in 1908, is the first animation/cartoon in history. From this point, cartoons have changed and evolved to suit new trends. However, as cartoon channels started to evolve according to the trends of younger children, they started to diminish in popularity. Cartoons are what children, and even adults, look forward to after a … Continue reading The Evolution of Cartoons

Finding balance between social life and school work

Tivan George, News Writer Pick one: social life or school work? It’s probably difficult for someone to pick just one. On campus, 71.4 percent of student find balancing social life and school work challenging, yet it is crucial that students learn to do this. Students who have gone through high school and college such as Laura Hutton, writer for the Australian Institute of Business Official … Continue reading Finding balance between social life and school work