The Evolution of Cartoons

Tivan George, News writer Fantasmagorie, a french animated film by Émile Cohl, made in 1908, is the first animation/cartoon in history. From this point, cartoons have changed and evolved to suit new trends. However, as cartoon channels started to evolve according to the trends of younger children, they started to diminish in popularity. Cartoons are what children, and even adults, look forward to after a … Continue reading The Evolution of Cartoons

10 Life lessons Disney taught a 15 year old girl

News Writer, Alice Park Most of us can say Disney was a major part of our childhood, whether it was through shows or movies. But what we didn’t realise, was Disney has been teaching us essential life lessons all along. Like most of the other kids around my age, I used to watch Disney channel almost every single day, cooped up on my sofa, and … Continue reading 10 Life lessons Disney taught a 15 year old girl

Facing my fears through Praise Team

Eugene Kim, News Writer It seemed really scintillating to watch Praise Team under the spotlight, singing about God. It created an urge in me to join the praise team, and the auditions were available. what if I mess up, everyone will hear Guitar is my specialty, so I thought, Why not give it a go? Granted I was accepted, but standing on stage was a bigger problem, … Continue reading Facing my fears through Praise Team

What Media Doesn’t Tell You

By JoonYoung Yoo, News Writer By giving out biased facts, mainstream media fails to fulfill its purpose. The purpose of mainstream media is to provide unbiased facts to its audience and allow them to think about the issue. However, media greatly influences its audience through its hidden bias found in writing, visual imagery, and headlines. Just by reading the above introduction, you probably think this … Continue reading What Media Doesn’t Tell You

Do I Really Fit In?

James Ahn, News Writer Nothing crushes the heart more than the realization that you do not belong. GSIS is constantly plagued with the stigma that it lacks diversity within the student body. Could this be a simple dissatisfaction or has there been a lack of proper student conduct? The monstrosity of this issue is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. The need for racial variety has … Continue reading Do I Really Fit In?

World to Blame for Syrian Refugee Crisis

By Jun Woo Kang, News Writer Before anything, I would like begin with an old saying often attributed to the great expert of human evil, Joseph Stalin. “When one man dies, that’s a tragedy, when a thousand men die, that’s a statistic.” Large numbers can often feel cold and distant, and even kind of comforting because they do not feel like “people.” I think that … Continue reading World to Blame for Syrian Refugee Crisis

School Life from the Perspective of a Freshman

By Sarah Wilson Graduating from middle school and going into freshman year. It could be one of scariest steps as a student. Going from the top of middle school to the very bottom of high school. All the other grades are suddenly so much more intimidating. Walking through the doors on the first day back at school after summer break, not exactly sure what to … Continue reading School Life from the Perspective of a Freshman

What’s so great about being in a relationship?

By Sally Kim, News Writer Over the Summer, all of my friends and I wanted to go to Everland, but then out of no where we heard, “Isn’t it sad that you are going to Everland without a boyfriend. You’re all single.” Some of my friends started thinking and agreeing with her, but I on the other hand want to know what’s the matter with … Continue reading What’s so great about being in a relationship?

Gun Policy: The Big Problem

Hanna Nam, News Editor Guns, Guns, Guns. What is the Problem? Guns. Guns, guns, and guns. And yes, I am going to talk about something that possibly one of the most controversial issues in America. These small or large items can be an instrument for personal safety or weapons of destruction. The debate and controversy over gun usage and rights continue as deaths caused by guns … Continue reading Gun Policy: The Big Problem