Gun Policy: The Big Problem

Hanna Nam, News Editor Guns, Guns, Guns. What is the Problem? Guns. Guns, guns, and guns. And yes, I am going to talk about something that possibly one of the most controversial issues in America. These small or large items can be an instrument for personal safety or weapons of destruction. The debate and controversy over gun usage and rights continue as deaths caused by guns … Continue reading Gun Policy: The Big Problem

Various views of Lionel Messi’s Ballon D’or

On Jan. 12, 2016 a historical event was held at Swiss Chirii Congress House. One of the top soccer players in the world, Lionel Messi, won his fifth Ballon D’or award of his career. Various opinions about whether Lionel deserves this award circle around soccer enthusiasts within the GSIS community. Dash Lee believes that Lionel Messi deserves the award, “I love it because I personally … Continue reading Various views of Lionel Messi’s Ballon D’or

The Distortion of History

By: Matthew Choi, News Writer British author, George Orwell once said in his book 1984, “Those who control the present, control the past and those who control the past control the future.” This quote perfectly fits what the South Korean government is attempting to do with their latest policy changes. On Oct. 12, the South Korean Ministry of Education announced that the government would begin … Continue reading The Distortion of History

The Wear of A War : North and South Korea

By Victor Jeong, Co-Editor-in-chief The two Koreas are no strangers to conflict. Reminders of just how brittle the barrier between both worlds consistently appear, and before anyone can forget that the these two countries are at war, another headline pops up. With tensions reaching another all time high, it’s clear that in a war of kindred countries, both time and tear has taken it’s toll. … Continue reading The Wear of A War : North and South Korea

Why our Internet Might Die as We Know It, and How We Can Prevent It.

Written by: Victor Jeong, Editor-in-Chief It’s official; the hornet’s nest that is the internet has been stirred up. Dusting off their pitchforks and rekindling their torches, the denizens of the internet are coming together in what could firmly be described as a battle for the very freedom of internet users everywhere. Net neutrality is a term that was forged during the birth of the internet … Continue reading Why our Internet Might Die as We Know It, and How We Can Prevent It.

True Cause of Solider Yun’s Death

By Hanna Nam, News Writer Twenty-three year-old private Solider Yun was found dead in April after the continuous physical abuse from his sergeants. Yun was a member of the Korean army. Six sergeants were found guilty for the unforgivable murder, and four were charged with manslaughter. The 28 division of prosecutor’s office charged the main culprit, Sergeant Lee, with six charges: cause of injury, harsh … Continue reading True Cause of Solider Yun’s Death

The internet’s freedom and censorship leaves for an uncertain future

By: Matthew Choi, News Writer The internet is an archive with endless amount of information on everything you can imagine. In the internet realm, everyone has a voice unlike in real life (IRL).  The internet has become a reliable form of communication around the world, due to its speed and accessibility which cannot be matched. Due to this, any form of news is rapidly spread. … Continue reading The internet’s freedom and censorship leaves for an uncertain future

America’s activity in East Asia creates waves

By James Ahn, News Writer North Korea’s missile testing has caused the US to stir in East Asia. Through America’s presence, Japan, China, and South Korea increase discussion as the US works with Japan to create a missile defense program.  The missile defense program was implemented in Japan soon after the US considered North Korea’s missile testing a valid threat. The system currently being used … Continue reading America’s activity in East Asia creates waves

MV Sewol Sinking

By: Matthew Choi On Apr. 16, MV Sewol capsized after taking a routine trip to Jeju. Among the 450 plus passengers, only 174 survived with the remaining passengers either dead or missing.  The passengers mainly consisted of students and teachers from Danwon High School in Ansan, approximately 20km from GSIS. This accident has been one of the worst maritime accidents to happen in South Korea. … Continue reading MV Sewol Sinking

Russia’s expansion in Ukraine

By: Hanna Nam, News Writer Protests in Ukraine began on Nov. 21, 2013 as President Viktor Yanukovych rejected the agreement on closer trade ties with the EU, resulting in escalating tensions and the necessary “retreat” of Russian troops in Crimea. It all began when President Viktor Yanukovych rejected joining the EU due to a $15 billion deal with Russia. The citizens were not fond of … Continue reading Russia’s expansion in Ukraine