Thailand VASE trip cancelled

By: Hanna Nam, News Writer Two days before departure threatening protests in Thailand brought the Thailand VASE trip to a standstill and shocked the students on the team. This was the first VASE trip to be canceled and impacted the students and the teachers. The main reason for the cancelation was the rigorous situation in Thailand. Mrs. Choe, the Thailand trip leader, explained the situation, … Continue reading Thailand VASE trip cancelled

From Apathy to “Axion”

By Victor Jeong, News Editor The introduction of AXIS with their unorthodox approach towards faith plunged students into a unique and unfamiliar situation during Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW). “I feel like [Daniel] understood everybody’s feelings and he was able to share his testimony with us so we could relate our lives to his life.” Coming into a brand new year, Student Life Minister Mr. Lozano … Continue reading From Apathy to “Axion”

Soul Food cooks up an appetite for community

By: Janice Kim Soul Food for boys and girls is a weekly gathering where students and teachers can go to dinner and coffee with one another, talk about life, and see where conversation leads them. “It sounded like a lot fun and Mr. Lozano did everything to make it [Soul Food] work in our favor,” said Matthew Chang, a senior, explaining why Soul Food attracted … Continue reading Soul Food cooks up an appetite for community