Popular Restaurants in YongTong

By: Angela Park, News Writer   ItPlate ItPlate is known for its big plates and large sum of food served; one plate order can feed up to three people and only costs 17,000 ₩ per plate! It’s most famous plates includes the BBQ steak.  If you’re looking for something a little more oriental, try the pork pilaff! It is made a wonderful fried rice dish mixed with … Continue reading Popular Restaurants in YongTong

Soul Food cooks up an appetite for community

By: Janice Kim Soul Food for boys and girls is a weekly gathering where students and teachers can go to dinner and coffee with one another, talk about life, and see where conversation leads them. “It sounded like a lot fun and Mr. Lozano did everything to make it [Soul Food] work in our favor,” said Matthew Chang, a senior, explaining why Soul Food attracted … Continue reading Soul Food cooks up an appetite for community