College Advice from Alumni

News Writer, Sarah Wilson. From roommates to drinking culture, a lot of things change when heading off to college. Not knowing what to expect can make it harder to adjust, so alumni have taken a stand to share their wisdom and experiences. Going into college means you will most likely meet new people and make new friends. Naturally, this comes with a new view on … Continue reading College Advice from Alumni

Seniors face a future without a college counselor

Jaho Koo, News Editor As the Class of 2013 closes out the year with completed college applications, a growing concern surrounds Mr. Rick Caron’s announcement: the High School College Guidance Counselor will leave in December to take a job in Montana. Initially, the senior students were shocked. “We were in the middle of class and he just came in and announced that he was leaving … Continue reading Seniors face a future without a college counselor