More KAIAC changes to come

Sports Writer, John Park KAIAC, a 41-year-old organization, will realign it’s divisions once again, as they welcome three new schools. This will also introduce the Red, White, and Blue divisions for the 2013-2014 school year. Humphrey’s American High School, Dwight, and Chadwick join KAIAC to total 17 schools. Humphrey’s joins the other Department of Defense Dependents Schools (DODDS) entities in Blue Division, Dwight and Chadwick join the other … Continue reading More KAIAC changes to come

Freshmen seek to know more about Midterms

John Park, Writer As the midterm week approaches, Upper Secondary students show signs of anxiousness, stress, and fatigue. From Dec. 7 to Dec.14, students will take several 90 to 120 minute tests in the gym and the auditorium and demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the past semester When Sophomore Toni Choi was asked what she thought about the midterms, she  remarked about how she … Continue reading Freshmen seek to know more about Midterms