The Importance of Looking at the Whole Picture When Selecting Colleges

By Matthew Choi, News Writer Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, Harvard, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, and Yale– these are the Ivy League Schools considered the best of the best, Yet in Korea, a culture has been started where parents only care about the name of the school and some of these top universities do not make the list. One has to wonder is it all about the … Continue reading The Importance of Looking at the Whole Picture When Selecting Colleges

Redundancy spreading clubs thin

By, Grace Shin (News Editor) Quarter 1 has finished in the snap of a finger, and more than 20 clubs have been launched. some of which appear to be strikingly similar) leaving students clueless about indistinguishable clubs offered on campus. During the month of August, decorative boards were displayed with information about each club offered on campus.  Students were encouraged to visit the the second floor lobby and choose … Continue reading Redundancy spreading clubs thin

SAT cheating scandal in Korea

News Writer, Angela Park Rumors erupted during the early morning hours of May 1 that the May 4 SATs (Standard Assessment Test) were canceled due to the illegal obtainment of materials for commercial benefits from SAT preparatory hagwons. By the afternoon of May 1, this rumor quickly became truth when Collegeboard sent out emails to all May 4 SAT registrars confirming the cancelation with the … Continue reading SAT cheating scandal in Korea