From Apathy to “Axion”

By Victor Jeong, News Editor The introduction of AXIS with their unorthodox approach towards faith plunged students into a unique and unfamiliar situation during Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW). “I feel like [Daniel] understood everybody’s feelings and he was able to share his testimony with us so we could relate our lives to his life.” Coming into a brand new year, Student Life Minister Mr. Lozano … Continue reading From Apathy to “Axion”

Students speculate how to bring back SEW spirit

Janice Kim, News Writer Students noted that Spiritual Emphasis Week (SEW) promotes spiritual growth and passion, but also pointed out it only has short-term effects and considered various reasons for the decline in spiritual development after SEW. “One purpose for the SEW is to provide a framework of where we are going in student life and chapel for the year,” explained Mr. Lozano, the Student … Continue reading Students speculate how to bring back SEW spirit