Hidden Impacts Behind Music

Joseph Park, News Writer How often do you move your body to the beat and sing the lyrics to your favorite song? What many people do not realize is music impacts every individual differently while doing work. The benefits from music while working is evident only in some activities. Mr. Jackson, music teacher, said, “work like math or writing” is greatly enhanced through music. This … Continue reading Hidden Impacts Behind Music

#Metoo Movement touches the heart of the community

Alice Park, News Editor The #metoo movement went viral in October over social media, and provided a powerful platform for victims to share their stories. A month later, sexual harassment and assault are still major problems and everyone, not only victims, has been affected. Actress Alyssa Milano, who amplified the #metoo movement, said on Good Morning America, “What the ‘Me Too’ campaign really does—and what Tarana … Continue reading #Metoo Movement touches the heart of the community

New student led “Help us Help you” program launched

Alice Park, News Writer In just under a month Psychology Club will launch Natural Helpers, a program to reach out and help students with their psychological states and issues. The purpose of the Natural Helpers program is to select students who their classmates think are natural helpers, and teach them how to become better helpers within the student body. The selected students, who will be … Continue reading New student led “Help us Help you” program launched