#Metoo Movement touches the heart of the community

Alice Park, News Editor The #metoo movement went viral in October over social media, and provided a powerful platform for victims to share their stories. A month later, sexual harassment and assault are still major problems and everyone, not only victims, has been affected. Actress Alyssa Milano, who amplified the #metoo movement, said on Good Morning America, “What the ‘Me Too’ campaign really does—and what Tarana … Continue reading #Metoo Movement touches the heart of the community

What Media Doesn’t Tell You

By JoonYoung Yoo, News Writer By giving out biased facts, mainstream media fails to fulfill its purpose. The purpose of mainstream media is to provide unbiased facts to its audience and allow them to think about the issue. However, media greatly influences its audience through its hidden bias found in writing, visual imagery, and headlines. Just by reading the above introduction, you probably think this … Continue reading What Media Doesn’t Tell You

An Unexpected Source of Gender Bias

Justine Hong, Co-Editor-in-Chief For many years, countless students at GSIS have been cracked down for violating the dress code. Only recently, however, has it been discovered that such discipline may not be a constructive method to facilitate education, but rather an inadvertent result of gender-biased perception. On Mar. 25, when senior Jenny Kang was taken out of class for having infringed upon the dress code, … Continue reading An Unexpected Source of Gender Bias