Redundancy spreading clubs thin

By, Grace Shin (News Editor) Quarter 1 has finished in the snap of a finger, and more than 20 clubs have been launched. some of which appear to be strikingly similar) leaving students clueless about indistinguishable clubs offered on campus. During the month of August, decorative boards were displayed with information about each club offered on campus.  Students were encouraged to visit the the second floor lobby and choose … Continue reading Redundancy spreading clubs thin

The Curious Case of the Personal Project

by Victor Jeong, News Editor Students embarking on the treacherous journey towards getting into the DP program are met with one final obstacle in their last year of MYP. With news of the Personal Project being put on college transcripts, students have been wondering if the project itself is doing more harm than anything. The IB MYP Personal Project stands as a daunting task set … Continue reading The Curious Case of the Personal Project

Freshman confused and concerned over Personal Projects

News Writer, Grace Shin Sophomores, the first students ever to conduct the Personal Projects, have suggestions to give to the inquisitive Freshmen based on this year-long project. Freshman Justine Hong, anticipating a very hectic, yet educational sophomore year has already put her ‘head in the game.’ “After I went to the exhibition, I was really inspired by Grace Shin’s product, which was writing a book. … Continue reading Freshman confused and concerned over Personal Projects