SAT cheating scandal in Korea

News Writer, Angela Park Rumors erupted during the early morning hours of May 1 that the May 4 SATs (Standard Assessment Test) were canceled due to the illegal obtainment of materials for commercial benefits from SAT preparatory hagwons. By the afternoon of May 1, this rumor quickly became truth when Collegeboard sent out emails to all May 4 SAT registrars confirming the cancelation with the … Continue reading SAT cheating scandal in Korea

Students weigh the worth of the SAT

By: Eric Han, Editor-in-Chief Year after year, students take the SAT in an attempt to showcase their abilities to colleges and universities of their preference; however, what toll do students pay? Many students agreed that pressure is one of the major downsides brought forth by the SAT, whether that be from a parent or self-induced. “I feel a lot of pressure in that I want … Continue reading Students weigh the worth of the SAT